By jack polo

Two detectives’ steamy past complicates their hunt for a psychotic killer and puts them in an assassin’s deadly sights.

Would you trust a former lover who’d betrayed you? Detectives Cole Trane and Mollie Simmons have no other choice. They’re after a ruthless killer tied to the Russian mafia who leaves behind a bloody trail of victims – from a world-famous movie star to a squad of Royal Canadian Mounties – as he races for the border. Their only hope is to have each other’s back like they once had each other’s heart.


Jack Polo writes from his beach hometown in Southern California.

His Paraiso series combines his career as a real estate agent with his love for intrepid characters entangled in mysteries not in their choosing. Most of the books are based on a true event that happened to one or more of his clients.

Jack is also an award-winning screenwriter whose fiction reads like a verbal camera –
taking readers inside the minds and hearts of the people in his books. The result is a
page-turner of the first order. A can’t-put-down thriller.


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